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Growing pains: It is possible that the UK higher education sector is approaching ‘peak campus’


Dramatic changes in student numbers demand fresh thinking about the adaptability and utilisation of university buildings


The Augar review is likely to lead to worse facilities and poorer mental health

2019-07-03T05:00:00+01:00By Mike Entwisle

The most significant impact of the review into post-18 education will be its potential to exacerbate uncertainty in funding and poor student mental health

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How to maintain top class academy estates


Funding for UK acadamies, despite providing respite, has resulted in a challenge to manage and refurbish estates cost-effectively.

Sarah Richardson

Learning the hard way


The government’s decision to divert £900m of funding away from school’s capital budgets raises troubling questions over the longer-term impact on the education sector’s estate

Matt Roche

Building the universities of the future

2017-06-09T12:09:00+01:00By Matt Roche

Taking a technology-led approach will be the future for designing assets for university estates

Alex Solk

Will the university campus exist in 50 years' time?

2017-05-12T06:00:00+01:00By Alex Solk

Predictions that the campus will be usurped by digital, remote learning ignore the importance of ‘face-to-face’ interaction

Sarah Richardson

Free schools don't come cheap


The question of whether the government is spending too much on free schools development is far from clear cut

Michael Thirkettle

Getting skills down to a T


The introduction of T-levels is being sold as a lifeline for industries like construction, but Brexit threatens to derail any benefits

Mark Halstead

Hitting NHS deadlines

2017-02-27T06:00:00+00:00By Mark Halstead

Getting stakeholder engagement right at the start is key to successful management of healthcare projects

Mark Halstead

Efficiency in the NHS doesn’t have to mean cost cutting

2016-12-08T07:30:00+00:00By Mark Halstead

NHS trusts must squeeze every penny out of limited captial funding, but with some careful thought at in the early stages they can deliver better outcomes

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