Anthony Coumidis BW 2018

Can public sector land disposal really provide the answer to the UK’s housing crisis?


Public land sell-offs are often delayed because they are also frequently controversial - but might this be a desperately sought-after solution?

Linda Convery BW 2018

Yes, Prime Minister – solving the UK's housing crisis


The commitment of new funding over the long-term will help larger housing associations develop the high volume of affordable well managed units the UK desperately needs

Matthew Spilsbury BW 2018

Government's planning guidance on build-to-rent shows it is still supportive of the policy


The government still thinks build-to-rent can tackle the housing crisis - here’s what the latest guidance means for housing and local authorities

Chloe mcculloch black

We apologise for the late-running Crossrail service …


Crossrail’s was supposed to be a good news story for construction - so what went wrong?

Philip Robson BW 2018

Can garden villages solve our housing crisis?


The government has identified 14 new Garden Villages across England aimed at providing settlements of between 1,500 and 10,000 homes - potentially delivering more than 48,000 homes

Chloe mcculloch black

Leader: Education, education, education?


As new academic year starts, for the schools construction sector there is worry about the amount of work coming onto their books

Chloe mcculloch black

Leader: Taking a step back to go forwards


While it’s a grim picture for contracting, individual firms are starting to fight back. But the uncertainty of Brexit still looms large over the industry

2017 steve douglas

The new NPPF: will it deliver the numbers? 


The latest updates to planning policy need to be seen in the context of a slew of recent reports and analysis, suggesting development is likely to continue to be subject to local interpretation and testing

David Smithen BW 2018

What is on Kit Malthouse's to-do list


With the introduction of Kit Malthouse as the latest housing minister, TLT’s David Smithen hopes that he will resist the temptation to demonise the development industry

Martin Bellinger BW 2018

When it comes to building affordable homes, Dutch courage is called for


hile political initiative and leadership for affordable housing is more reliable and convincing in the Netherlands than it has been in the UK, we need a bit of Dutch courage to tackle Britain’s housing crisis head-on, says Martin Bellinger

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