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Leader: Taking a step back to go forwards


While it’s a grim picture for contracting, individual firms are starting to fight back. But the uncertainty of Brexit still looms large over the industry

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The new NPPF: will it deliver the numbers? 


The latest updates to planning policy need to be seen in the context of a slew of recent reports and analysis, suggesting development is likely to continue to be subject to local interpretation and testing

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What is on Kit Malthouse's to-do list


With the introduction of Kit Malthouse as the latest housing minister, TLT’s David Smithen hopes that he will resist the temptation to demonise the development industry

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When it comes to building affordable homes, Dutch courage is called for


hile political initiative and leadership for affordable housing is more reliable and convincing in the Netherlands than it has been in the UK, we need a bit of Dutch courage to tackle Britain’s housing crisis head-on, says Martin Bellinger

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The UK has a critical shortage of homes suitable for retirement


There are around 720,000 homes suitable for retirement in the UK - according to research conducted last year - but these properties can only accommodate seven per cent of the elderly population in the UK

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Why the social and affordable housing crisis shows no signs of abating


With affordable homes becoming unaffordable, McBains surveyed 100 housebuilders on theie views of the future. The responses were less than inspiring…

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National Planning Policy Framework - reaction


The revised draft of the National Planning Policy Framework was announced on Monday, with the new formula set to boost housing targets across southern England. We canvassed the industry for reaction

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Can modular housing deliver for the private rented sector?

2018-01-30T06:30:00+00:00By Adam Mursal

Increasing the volume of modular housing has been touted as a key method in reaching ambitious housing targets. But can the model work?

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Housing: Will it ever get a settled housing strategy?


The housing sector once again finds itself frustrated at the loss of continuity and uncertainty over the future direction of housing policy

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Regional renaissance: fuelling the Midlands engine in England


If the Midlands is to capitalise on Northern Powerhouse and HS2 developments, it needs to consider its biggest challenges

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