Tony Bingham

Tony Bingham is a barrister and arbitrator at 3 Paper Buildings, Temple, and a regular contributor to Building's legal section

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The day three running jump


Tony Bingham says respondents’ habit of trying to halt an adjudication three days in needs to be taken more seriously

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A contract is not a state of mind


Starting work without a proper contract is common practice, but it’s what’s on paper that counts, not what’s in your head

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A defective skyscraper built by Carillion needs £4m of glazing repairs - must the landlord pay?


Since Carillion built the 47-storey Beetham Tower in 2006, it has been the tallest building in Manchester. Mid-morning on 22 June 2014, a problem was spotted – and so began 47 floors of glass problem. One of the chaps doing sealant works on the 15th floor came across a loose ...

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When is it good to call out on fraud in adjudication proceedings?


If you’re going to use an allegation of fraud as grounds for a stay of payment on an adjudication award, get the timing right, writes Tony Bingham

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