Richard Bayliss BW 2018

Can’t stand the heat? Here’s how we can future-proof our buildings in a changing climate


Overheating represents a risk to the health and well-being of occupants of buildings - we need our new builds to be resilient

M Schembri BW 2018

Dealing with uncomfortably high - and low - temperatures in buildings: an increasingly common problem


Overheating in homes and commercial property is a real problem now - and it’s not going away any time soon


Low carbon technologies: how do we ensure installed performance?

2018-07-26T14:59:00+01:00By Terry Keech

Terry Keech says it’s time to end the disconnect between ‘intended performance’ and ‘actual performance’ of low carbon technologies installed in social housing

Barny evans bw 2018

There is only one path to decarbonising heat – we must realise that now


The only way to decarbonise heat generation is by going all-electric, says Barny Evans. And we need to start working on it now.

Sean Robinson BW 2018

The state of green infrastructure in the UK


The emergence of Green Infrastructure (GI) is breathing new life into our concrete jungle, with the government and local authorities proposing major investment to make our cities and towns greener than ever before

Barny evans bw 2018

Solving the CO2 problem: Buildings in a post-carbon world


Reducing CO2 emissions has long been top of the agenda across sectors. But do we now have the tools to fundamentally solve this problem? Barny Evans thinks so

Phil draper bw 2018

ESOS phase 2 - the answer could be right in front of you


Phil Draper from Cavendish Engineers on phase 2 of the government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme and the benefits for UK companies as we countdown to Brexit

Amy kobelis bw 2017

WWF takes a journey towards an 'outstanding' green building - what to consider


The WWF-UK’s Woking headquarters achieved a BREEAM Outstanding rating - what are the most important factors to consider when working on an eco-project?

Richard Threlfall

It's easy if you try


Imagine a future where autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport networks create not only stress-free commutes, but also quieter and greener cities

harry verhaar 2017 bw

Why renovation acceleration is key to winning the war against global warming


The fact that change is not beyond us is positive news and should increase our resolve to limit global warming, but our society faces an immense test

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