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Seismic offsite feature 26 july 2019 The_McAvoy_Group_049

Offsite: Could schools soon be built in a fortnight?

A consortium of firms aims to create a standardised way to construct hundreds of school buildings a year – and the Department for Education is right behind them

Jamie Harris

Beyond digital: They are the champions

Construction is in safe hands to fully embrace digital transformation, says Jamie Harris

Digital champions group 1LR

Introducing Building’s digital champions: ‘You have just got to be brave’

Here we present our digital champions: construction professionals for whom digital is ingrained and embedded in everything they do


Digital brilliance in 5 easy steps

What are top companies looking for when they hire new recruits in this increasingly digitalised industry?

George Tuckwell USE THIS

In my experience: The inventor

If you can access the right funding, collaborate with others and truly engage with clients, you can bring cutting-edge technology to market

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What is automation good for?

Automation tends to polarise opinions: either it’s the great saviour of construction or the rise of the machines threatens to de-skill professionals


Offsite, on trend - why volumetric modular construction is the future

There’s huge pressure for construction to find offsite solutions to boost its productivity and meet the housing and infrastructure needs of the country


Digital transformation: What workers want

The industry may be showing faith in new technologies, but uptake isn’t automatically keeping up


Digital: let’s do it better

Everyone says they’re going digital, but are construction firms and their clients really making the most of the opportunities the process offers to increase efficiency?

chloe mcculloch black

Digital transformation - how can construction get ‘digital’ right?

At this time of technological transformation, we take stock of best practice, future trends and how to ‘do digital’ right


Q&A with Lara Poloni: how can we drive digital change?

Aecom chief executive EMEA Lara Poloni on how to champion high-tech transformation from the top

Digital special: What can construction learn from the music industry?

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